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  • Puna Kalipi

Expectations and Criteria for the MHT Interim Working Board

Updated: Oct 3

Aloha nui kāua,

Below are the expectations and criteria to serve on Molokai Heritage Trust Interim Working Board set by community members who attended the Subcommittee Meetings on August 1, 3 and 7, 2023.


  1. Serve for 1 year or until the founding board is established.

  2. Expected to dedicate (10-15) hours weekly to board work to include; public meetings, working board meetings, and research and writing tasks.

  3. Vested in our Molokai-minded community.

  4. Shared goal of Community Ownership of Molokai Ranch

  5. The Interim Working Board can only voice that MHT is in the process of forming up and give a timeline for the same to any outside interests. If Molokai Heritage Trust is not established in 6 months then the Interim Working Board will have a connection role* in relation to outside interests.

*Connecting Role: IWB can tell the buyer that MHT is in the process of forming up, give a timeline, and provide the buyer with contact info/introductions with different community groups/invite the buyer to address the community at one of the board's public meetings; but IWB cannot engage in meaningful discussions/negotiations with the buyer (those would be the kuleana of the founding board that replaces the IWB).

Required Criteria: All Board members must meet each of the following criteria

  1. Displayed strong sense of values: aloha, selflessness, community-minded, grounded, aloha ʻāina, compassionate, respect, kuleana, pilina oriented, integrity

  2. Some familiarity with existing community plans.

  3. At least 2 nominees must come from generational (5+ generations) Molokai families and at least 1 of the 2 nominees must reside in Maunaloa or have lineal connections to Maunaloa.

  4. Involved in the current community process enough to accurately represent the 1.5 years of discussions/planning thus far.

Desired Criteria: The board as a whole must meet each of the following criteria

  1. A combination of the following technical experience; executive/admin, indigenous rights, ʻike Hawaiʻi, legal, financial, community planning, non- profit, hoʻoponopono/mediation/conflict resolution, writing skills, ecological/agriculture, genealogical-place-based and deep, historical understanding of Molokai, good communications, information technology skills, ability to translate between different world views.

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